Hello and Welcome!


First posts are always the hardest, it seems.  I’m not really sure what to say by way of an introduction, so I’ll just start with a quick hello, and then move on to some actual text in a few days.  I hope this blog will serve a couple of purposes:

  1. Generally update my family and friends on what I’ve been doing. If I gave you the link or you followed me from FaceBook,  this would be you.
  2. Talk about this Joint PhD process. When I was investigating my program, I found that there was a startling lack of information about my specific approach and others like it. What’s more, no one examined this from a student perspective.
  3. Science articles. This is what I spend my days reading about, so it’s only natural that I should talk about it, too. These science pieces will mostly focus on air pollution and aerosols and how they relate to things like cloud cover, rainfall, pollution, and climate change. I should add that if you have a question you want me to answer, feel free to drop me a line!
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