Countdown: t-minus 14 days

Hello from the great state of Texas! I made it here a few days ago, after a whirlwind of couchsurfing, goodbyes, and birthday parties. I made the trip down over the course of several days, stopping in Atlanta and Mobile to attend a conference for work and visit my aunt and cousins.

It all seems a bit weird. Six months ago, I was a homeowner, had a full-time job, and all the other trappings to get me started in suburban life. Now the house is sold, the few things I wanted to keep are packed away, and what remains of my possessions fit into two bags.There is a certain lightness to the whole thing, but also a feeling of standing on the edge of a cliff. I find myself wondering if this is all as real as it looks.

Okay, enough introspection. Coming up I have two things for you: 1. the story of the house closing (now that it’s done I can talk about the buyer’s broker, and use his name while doing it); and 2. a little bit of science. Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Countdown: t-minus 14 days

  1. Ben says:

    What The Fidgesicle?!? I thought you were going to stop by for a visit on your way to TX.

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