A poem

Hello everone!

I’m keeping this quick–I’ve only got a few minutes before my internet runs out. I’m doing well–I’ve found a place to live, and a job, and had a great visit to Melbourne, all in one week.
While in Melbourne, I was in a bookstore, and opened up a book of Neil Gaiman short stories, and happened on this poem. It spoke to me, so I thought I’d share:
“Going Wodwo”

Shedding my shirt, my book, my coat, my life
Leaving them, empty husks and fallen leaves
Going in search of food and for a spring
Of sweet water

I’ll find a tree as wide as ten fat ment
Clear water rolling over its grey roots
Berries I’ll find, and crab-apples and nuts.
And call it home.

I’ll tell the wind my name, and no one else.
True madness takes or leaves us in the wood
half-way through all our lives. My skin will be
my face now

I must be nuts. Senese left with shoes and house,
my guts are cramped. I’ll stumble through the green
back to my roots, and leaves and thorns and buds,
and shiver.

I’ll leave the way of words to walk the wood
I’ll be the forest’s man, and greet the sun.
And feel the silence blossom on my tongue
like language.

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