I made it to Sydney!

Hello everyone!

Has it only been 10 days? I’m suitably settled in and recovered from jet lag to write a post. More in-depth discussion will follow in the coming days (didn’t I say that last time?), but for now, here’s the basics:

1. I found a place to live–in 4 days, which might constitute some sort of real estate record. It’s a granny flat (like a mother-in-law’s suite) at a share-house, so it’s the best of both worlds: there’s a quiet place I can go to when I need to study or want some quiet time, and there’s a whole herd of other people in the house (4), so there’s lots of activity, too.

2. The food is pretty good, so far. I love not having corn syrup shoved into every thing I put in my mouth. The Asian food here is amazingly good. I think I’ve had more noodles in the past week than I have in the previous 6 months. The food on Macquarie’s campus isn’t so great. I refuse to try their idea of Mexican food.

3. I’m slowly adapting to the idea of shops closing early. Even Big W (The closest thing to Wal-Mart) closes at 6pm most days. Yes, you read that right–6 p.m.!

4. Some things are ridiculously expensive. Sodas, for instance, are about $3/bottle. A pint of Ben & Jerry’s is $11.95. Sorry, but there is no Chunky Monkey in my future. Apples, on the other hand, are $2/kilo right now…so some things have reasonable prices.

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