Taking a bite of the Apple

…well, I took a bite of the Apple today. Trick or treat indeed. 

I accidentally euthanised my little Lenovo this weekend by spilling a rather large cup of water onto the keyboard. I was not fast enough, and the water got into the workings and shorted it out. Fortunately, the hard drive has survived, so at least the files are safe and it’s not a complete disaster. Just an expensive one. 

Seeing as I needed a computer, well, now, I set to shopping. The thing is, since Windows 8 is still in its infancy, I really don’t want a copy of it, no matter how much the pushy sales guy at the computer store thinks I need it. And the options for machines that had Windows 7 on it was a bit sad. I’d thought of ordering a machine from the U.S., but I really can’t wait 2 weeks for it to show up. So, with a spirit of…insanity, I think….I trundled off to the Apple store to see what they had on offer. 

I ended up with a cute little MacBook Pro. it was expensive, yes. But I feel a bit better seeing that the price of their equivalents of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc, are $20. (yes, really)…so while there’s more up front for the machine itself, at least the software is fairly cheap. I also got a student discount (woohoo!), and it looks like building a partition to run Windows simultaneously is relatively painless.  I’m even doing just fine with the learning curve. Or I think I am. Better than I was expecting with only a few hours exposure. 

I even got a free sense of entitlement with my purchase. Oh lord, am I a hipster now? Or are Macs too mainstream? 

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